20 Microsoft Technology Associates to be Produced by Spring of Life Partners New Horizons

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No fewer than 20 students of the prestigious Spring of Life and Fountain of Wisdom School, Enugu recently sat for and passed the globally recognised Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification exams.

The programme was powered by New Horizons, a frontline global IT training company with a presence in over 80 countries of the world.

New Horizons is the IT consultant/partner to Spring of Life school, a relationship that has spanned many years.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony organized by the school recently, the Founder/Director of the School Mrs. Stella Adibe expressed her joy that Spring of Life and Fountain of Wisdom has been living up to its billing as top-quality and front-row IT-driven School in Enugu for many years and that the achievement by this group of students is glaring testaments to that fact.

She reiterated her delight at the productive strategic International ICT Partnership that her school established with New Horizons, a US-based, world’s largest International IT Skills and Certification Training Organization that has a presence in 80 countries of the world.

The MD/CEO of New Horizons Nigeria, Mr. Tim Akano, in his congratulatory message said he was proud of the first set of 20 MTA-certified students from the Spring of Life schools. He promised that New Horizons Nigeria will continually support the school to make it the epitome of an IT-driven school in this 21st century.

Also, the general manager, Northern Region, New Horizons, Mr. David Abolagba said the outstanding performances by the students confirmed that Enugu and Nigeria at large are blessed with sharp and focused youths who in the future, will emerge as Nigeria’s Industry Captains that will become tomorrow’s entrepreneurial giants like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mack Zuckerberg, Google Boys, etc.

Abolagba said these sets of young entrepreneurs would have been convincingly positioned with their skills to bail the country out of its total dependence on oil and become an IT-driven country like India, China, Singapore, Malaysia, etc that are dominating the world’s lucrative IT market.

Being certified as a Microsoft Technology Associate demonstrates that these students have laid a solid foundation for their information technology career and built the skills needed to get the most out of any organization even at a developmental stage.

A Microsoft Technology Associate is a trained professional whose skills are used in a variety of business functions across many different industries, for example, Database, IT Security, Mobile App Developer, Network Administrator, Project Manager, Software Developer, etc.