3 billion people now view long-form postings on Twitter every day. Theo Musk

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X, formerly Twitter, was earlier to be developing a feature known as Articles as a rebrand of Notes, but it never really materialised. However, with a new post, Elon Musk has revealed that its development is now back on track.On Tuesday, X user @FaustoChou posted a screenshot that showed the Notes interface had been renamed to Articles, along with other unreleased features like Twitter Coins. Musk then replied to the tweet, confirming X’s plans for Articles.

“This will allow users to post very long, complex articles with mixed media. You could publish a book if you want,” Musk wrote.The announcement comes as Twitter’s long-form posts have reached 3 billion views per day, according to Musk. “Long-form posts on this platform are now at 3 billion views per day and rising,” he tweeted on Tuesday.

Twitter first introduced Notes in June 2022, before Musk acquired the company for $44 billion. The feature was initially available to a small group of writers in the US, Canada, Ghana and the UK, who could access a new “Write” tab on Twitter where they could create and manage their Notes. Their Twitter profiles also had a Notes tab where their followers and other users could see all their long-form content in one place.

However, the feature was not widely available, and not much was heard about it after Musk’s takeover. Some users speculated that the project had been shelved or abandoned.Musk did not provide any details on when Articles would be available to more users or when it would launch publicly. The move seems to be part of Twitter’s efforts to attract and retain creators on its platform, as it faces competition from other social media platforms like Instagram Threads.