According to Reports, OnePlus and Motorola Postpone their Launch Events in China due to Regional Unrest.

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OnePlus is set to debut the OnePlus 10T 5G later today. Apart from OnePlus, Motorola was also launching its next-gen Moto Razr clamshell-like folding smartphone in China on August 2 and OnePlus was launching the OnePlus 10T 5G in the country as the ‘OnePlus Ace Pro’ tonight itself. However, just ahead of the two launches, both companies have cancelled their events, reportedly due to the last moment developments in the country.

Motorola last night cancelled its event suddenly just hours before the launch was scheduled to take place. Lenovo General Manager for China had announced the development in a social media post. This, according to reports, is happening due to the Geopolitical situation in the country. Later, OnePlus also confirmed that it is axing its China event for the OnePlus Ace Pro, which is launching globally as the OnePlus 10T 5G.


The Geopolitical tensions in China are said to be the reason behind OnePlus and Motorola axing their launch events. The tensions in China are high due to a visit from US Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who visited Taiwan on August 2. Pelosi, who has been a vocal critic of China visited Taiwan on August 2, and China is apparently unhappy with Pelosi’s visit. A report in The Indian Express also says that China has issued notices to US President Joe Biden to “not play with fire.”


No, the developments in China are not said to affect the global launches of the abovementioned smartphones. While the new Moto Razr was only going to launch in China, the OnePlus Ace Pro or the OnePlus 10T 5G will launch in other regions including India today. The smartphone is scheduled to launch at 7:30PM IST today during an offline event that is taking place in New York City. It is not known as to when Motorola will launch the Moto Razr globally.