Anambra ICT Agency CEO Encourages Students to Adopt Technology

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Mr. Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata (CFA), the MD/CEO, Anambra State ICT Agency has called on attendees at the Dr. Ikechukwu Umeh Students’ Career Development Initiative (DIUSCADI) seminar series to embrace technology, as it is a value chain.

CFA made this call while giving a speech at the third Life After School Career Development Seminar recently at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. The seminar was themed “After School Life, What’s Next“.

In his startup speech, Anambra State ICT Agency CEO emphasized that one does not need to be an expert to be great in life, and that one can always maximize their potential if they have a passion for what they do. “Technology is available for free, and even though I did not have the same background as you, I decided to use it to my advantage”, he added.

CFA further explained that the traditional tech professionals face more danger than their creative counterparts due to numerous technical advancements, such as those in robotics and artificial intelligence, which create opportunities in the fields of plug design, user interface, cyber security, and content development.

“The exciting thing about technology is that anyone can thrive in it irrespective of age, gender, course of study or experience, you only need to be passionate”.

Mr Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata, CEO Anambra ICT Agency

He urged the students to have a passion for success and to strive to close gaps and offer answers, as this will make them succeed even in the face of obstacles. “The key is passion because while education is crucial, passion will drive you to practice and, in the long run, sustain you. What got me here is my passion and the value I bring”.

The convener and host of the seminar, Dr. Ikechukwu Umeh, who also shared his own life experiences and achievements as a motivation for success, advised the students to take advantage of the opportunities that their time in school and participation in the seminar creates for them. “Everything you require is right here; all you need now is discipline and passion for success” the Anambra State ICT Agency boss added.

Speaking on behalf of the students, Mr. Michael Oko appreciated CFA for opening their eyes to the possibilities in the world of technology and noted that with the platform of the career development initiative, the sky will indeed be their starting point.

In conclusion, CFA urged the students to set a goal, have a strategy, be passionate, resilient, search for opportunities, read voraciously and explore partnerships with the right people, always confess positively and refuse to entertain excuses.

He also appreciated Dr. Umeh for the wonderful platform he is providing the students and urged them to take advantage of it.