Apple Open Official Store in Mumbai, India.

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Apple has officially opened its first store in India. On Tuesday, hundreds of customers got the chance to step inside the Mumbai-based retail location after years of waiting for the iPhone maker to build a store in the country.

As you can see from the images included in the gallery below, the store has a pretty eye-catching design. It features a glass exterior and a ceiling tiled with triangular pieces of timber that stretch past the building’s walls to form a canopy over the store. Apple says each tile is made from 408 pieces of timber and that there are 1,000 tiles in total.

The building also has a dedicated solar array, making this particular store “one of the most energy-efficient Apple Store locations in the world.” Additionally, Apple says the location has “zero reliance” on fossil fuels for store operations and runs on “100 percent” renewable energy.

Apple started quietly getting ready for the store’s grand opening earlier this year when it began hiring employees for physical store locations throughout India. The company only officially announced its opening earlier this month and is set to open up another store in Delhi, India, on April 20th.

Along with bringing more stores to India, Apple has started to shift iPhone production to the country as well, helping to decrease its reliance on China and make the iPhone more affordable for customers in India. Last year, it began assembling its flagship iPhone 14 in India shortly after announcing the device, marking the fastest it has ever shifted production from China to India following the launch of a new iPhone.