Beats Fit Pro: Sporty Buds Always on the Run

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Phones are one of the most important gadgets of the modern day. To get the best out of them we need various accessories. These accessories make them mobile, easily accessible and more functional. They include power banks, speakers, chargers and so on.

Wireless earphones are one of the most recent additions to the collection. They are a step off the wired earpiece and lighter than the headsets. The fact that they are not directly attached to the phones allow for freedom of movement and more versatility. Also less expenses, wires cut easily especially when not properly cared for. Wireless earphones now have so much functionality that one can almost not do without one.

The Beats Fit Pro is one of the best wireless earphones. Made by a subsidiary audio company of Apple, Beats. They aren’t Airpods but they were built on the same technical platform as the Apple Airpods. They are powered by Apple’s H1 chip. With many major improvements from the former Beats Studio like improved noise cancellation, longer battery life, better grips and rubber extensions for a better fit. It works very well with both Android and Apple phones, though it has some features that only work with iOS phones since that’s how they were built.

The Beats Fit Pro cost #180000 on Jumia, and $200 on Amazon depending on your choice. Here the features that come with the price, I’m sure you’re getting the value for your money.

Comfortable Design

The design of the Beats Fit Pro is similar to that of the Beats Powerbeats Pro, just a bit smaller. The design lies in between the Studio buds and Powerbeats only picking the best qualities. It has a short in-ear wingtip rather than the big book of the powerbeats and it is portable as the smaller studio buds which lack wingtips.

They buds weigh 5.6 grams each, which make them quite lightweight and do not make the ears sore. The wingtips are made of silicon rubber which is soft to touch and removable which makes them compatible with the concha of your ears.

Noise Cancellation

It has two modes- transparency and noise cancellation. You can toggle between both by long pressing the button. noise canceling than the Studio Buds, as well as a top-notch transparency mode that lets you hear the outside world in a natural way. The noise canceling and transparency are at the same level as the AirPods Pro or very close to it. The noise canceling makes them good for picking calls even in crowded areas or while traveling.

However, the noise canceling isn’t quite as good as that of the Sony WF-1000XM4 or Bose QuietComfort Earbuds, but it’s effective at muffling external noise. It’s not adjustable, the modes are noise canceling on, noise canceling off and transparency mode. There are also no EQ settings to customize the sound profile.

Sound Quality

Beats says they have custom 9.5mm drivers and they have a touch more clarity and the bass packs a little more punch and goes a little deeper than the preceding Studio buds and Powerbeats buds.

Battery Life

One of the major advantages of wired earphones over the wireless was that you can keep using them as long as your device was charged. Wireless earphones relied on their power source which is rather limited. But the fit pro buds have got you covered with over 6 hours of battery life even with the noise cancelling on

Considering Android users, the case charges via USB-C not Lightning. However, it doesn’t have the wireless or MagSafe charging found in AirPods Pro and AirPods 3 cases but that shouldn’t be much of a worry. Although the price is quite high not to have wireless charging.

Water Resistance

They have IPX4 rating for sweat and water resistance. This makes them very good gym accessories. You don’t have to worry about them falling off or getting faulty due to water or sweat. So, exercise away while you jam your favourite gym sounds, the Fits Pro has got you.

Aside from the lack of wireless charging and MagSafe compatibility, the only other notable feature currently missing from the Beats Fit Pro compared to the AirPods Pro is the enhanced Find My with proximity view that allows you to precisely locate your AirPods within a few feet of where they might be hiding. The Beats Fit Pro currently has standard Find My, but Beats has confirmed that it’s working to add enhanced Find My and the additional AirPods updates that were part of iOS 15.1 in a future firmware update. But that won’t include wireless charging, which would require a hardware upgrade.

The Fit Pro buds are a major improvement from the former Beats earphones. That integrates well into the Apple ecosystem while making room for Android users too. They are perfect for both everyday and fitness use.