Bing ChatAI now Available for Everyone

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Microsoft is making its Bing GPT-4 chatbot available to everyone today, no more waitlist necessary. All you need to do is sign in to the new Bing or Edge with your Microsoft account, and you’ll now access the open preview version that’s powered by GPT-4. Microsoft is also massively upgrading Bing Chat with lots of new features and even plug-in support.

This open preview launch comes nearly two months after Microsoft experimented with removing the waitlist for its new Bing Chat feature. The chatbot originally launched in a private preview in February, and Microsoft has been gradually opening it up ever since.

Microsoft is now adding more smart features to Bing Chat, including image and video results, new Bing and Edge Actions feature, persistent chat and history, and plug-in support. The plug-in support will be the key addition for developers and for the future of Bing Chat.

Microsoft is working with OpenTable to enable its plug-in for completing restaurant bookings within Bing Chat and WolframAlpha for generating visualizations. Microsoft will share a lot more at its Build conference later this month, where we should get a better look at how developers will really extend this chatbot like OpenAI did with ChatGPT in March.