Carviva launches digital fuel wallet to tackle payment issues.

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The solution captures and addresses a cashless user base that is twice that of the POS base. Digital Fuel Wallet’s USSD channel allows fuel to be paid for without internet or data issues affecting POS.

Carviva Technologies Limited, a digital auto care service, has come up with an innovative digital fuel payment alternative solution to solve problems associated with cash payments and connectivity issues. Most of the issues Carviva has come to solve are such that affect the use of Point of Sales (POS) terminals for transactions in filling stations across Nigeria.

Tagged ‘Carviva Fuel Wallet’, it is the first step in revolutionerlizing the merchant and customer transaction in the Nigeria’s petroleum energy business ecosystem.

Speaking on the solution, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Carviva Technologies Limited, Ayodeji Subair, said “The fuel wallet was aimed at solving the cash challenges often encountered by customers at fuel stations”.

“It is simple, smart and a secure cashless solution for buying fuel and gas at any time and in any location in the country,” he added.

He described the wallet as the future of digital fuel payments in Nigeria and Africa adding, “Carviva Fuel Wallet is a cashless and cardless solution that effectively turns every mobile phone number into a virtual wallet for buying fuel and gas at filling stations. “We want car owners to buy fuel and gas at any participating filling station without the need of a bank debit card or cash. Our innovative solution is the first of its kind mobile phone virtual wallet and fully digitized OMNI channel for millions of car owners and filling stations across Nigeria”.

He assured that the initiative is simple, safe and secure channel that will reduce the usage of cash handling by car owners and filling stations in Nigeria.

“Cash payment for fuel is often cumbersome and insecure. Car owners and filling stations want convenience, but car owners are sometimes reluctant to use POS and there are limited channels to buy fuel without card or POS,” he noted.

According to him, Nigerians spend about N2.2trillionn on PMS yearly noting that majority of the populace prefers cash as a means of payment which he says comes with additional cost and insecurity.

“The Carviva Fuel Wallet comes with many advantages for car owners, with our OMNI channel approach, people will buy fuel on the go with or without internet as the solution is also available via USSD code”.

“It is secured; it gives peace of mind and safety by eliminating risks associated with cash. It is cardless, hence, car owners can buy fuel without debit card or physical POS.”He added.

The Carviva Fuel Wallet solution deployment is planned for commercial launch next month ahead of the Christmas holidays.