eClinic: Providing Rapid Access to Healthcare

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It is true that money can buy all things with a price tag, but good health is priceless.

Staying healthy has to be one of the happiest feelings in the world. Imagine having all the luxuries of life and lacking good health. One will feel like a king without a throne. Good health is a treasure that everyone craves for, however, maintaining good health is challenging in the nation we live in today. Inadequate healthcare and poor medical equipment have caused many people to be victims of wrong diagnosis and some have used their lives to pay the ultimate price.

There are instances when patients seeking treatment experience delay in hospitals and many are not attended to due to missing files that contains their medical records. This delay can be linked to the cumbersome process of sifting through data of sick patients manually.

The analogue filing and other ancient mode of service delivery in Nigeria’s healthcare system is responsible for the slow response time to patients in need of medical attention.

Like a well-oiled machine, our health needs to be maintained, with proper diagnosis and timely treatments. This is the reason why Africa’s number one payment solution provider Interswitch, introduced a key tool, the eClinic Platform, to accelerate response time and save the lives of the patients.

The eClinic platform was developed in order to make the healthcare system safer, reliable and solve treatment delays across hospitals in the country. Imagine having a digital technology that is responsible for your health and wellbeing. The eClinic platform is one of such technologies provided by Interswitch.

The eClinic platform helps to ease the stress and shorten the time spent on filing and locating medical histories of individuals. It also helps to collate data for patient diagnosis in order to administer timely treatment to the ill.

With the use of the platform, it helps to free the queues of unattended patients in hospitals. We all desire a healthy community; this is why the health sector can benefit immensely from the use of the eClinic platform.

A healthy community is a prepared community, and a prepared community is a community that thrives.