Five African startups are selected for a global social impact scheme.

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Ten companies, five of which are from Africa, have been selected for Startup Boost, a global programme for social impact startups run by Sweden-based tech consulting company tretton37. 

tretton37 is a tech consulting company whose customers include Telia, Klarna, Paradox Interactive, Tibber and ICA. Startup Boost, introduced in the latter part of 2023, offers pro bono help for startups that are looking to make an impact and challenge the world. 

Almost 50 applicants were selected for the programme, with 10 now picked – five from Africa. Two of those are from Benin – digital product marketplace Ahiyoyo and farm produce platform Aliments – while the others are Ugandan find-a-therapist service Iguru Therapies, Nigerian self-publishing platform Iko Africa, and legal-tech platform Zupoto.

The rest of the cohort is comprised of startups from Sweden, Macedonia, the United Arab Emirates, and Slovenia.

The selected startups will be provided free support in areas such as programming, design, and strategy, based on their specific needs.

“Reading and hearing about these innovative startups is both humbling and inspiring. Many of these ideas have the ability to change lives; some can even save lives. We’re excited to support the ten startups that were chosen and together make a positive impact in the world,” said Deniz Yildirim, CEO of Tretton 37.