Google Photos now has 12 new video effects, but only One subscribers and Pixel owners can use them.

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Google Photos is one of the few apps that is pre-loaded on almost all Android-powered phones. The photo and video viewing app also packs several useful features like the ability to fix lighting, Magic Eraser and more. On its Twitter handle, Google Photos recently announced that users will soon be able to add new effects to their videos.

These new effects will co-exist alongside the existing set of filters and unlike filters which work by applying a layer on top of the video, effects will essentially modify the video. Google says users can use these effects on top of filters without issues and that original videos will still be untouched.

For those wondering, the new effects include B&W film, Lomo, Dust Mix, Paper tear, Light leak, Film mood, Fisheye, Chromatic, Vintage, Layouts, Poster and Retro film.To find and use these new effects, launch the Google Photos app on your phone, press on the ‘Edit’ button for the video you want to apply the effect for and scroll to the ‘Effects’ tab from the bottom bar.

Here, you will be able to see how these effects look and even preview them on your video, but that might take some time to process. Now, choose the effect you want to apply and tap on the ‘Save Copy’ button.