Growth Talent Accelerator Programme funds are secured by alGROWithm in Nigeria.

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Nigerian startup alGROWithm has secured funding to scale its proprietary Growth Talent Accelerator Programme to more people across six African countries.

Founded in March 2022, alGROWithm is the company behind the Growth Talent Accelerator Programme, which provides ed-tech solutions to growth hackers.

The company has now secured funding from Digital Africa, which it will use to offer scholarships for aspiring growth hackers to join its programmes and fuel the expansion of its training programmes into new African markets.

Applicants from Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and South Africa are now welcome, in addition to those from its original bases in Nigeria and Ghana. Meanwhile, alGROWithm has also launched GTAP Lite and GTAP Pro, two dynamic programmes crafted for individuals and companies, respectively.

“Since our pilot in 2022, we’ve identified two critical needs in the ecosystem. There’s a persistent demand for more growth hacking talent, as demonstrated by the swift employment of our past trainees. Secondly, we observed that many companies also sought to up-skill their existing teams instead of starting from scratch with new talent,” said alGROWithm founder and chief growth officer Bili Sule.

“We ran the Pro model with companies like Paga, Figorr, and Kebble last year, with great results. This fueled our decision to offer both propositions moving forward. This year alone, we aim to train over 150 growth leads across East, West, and Southern Africa, which is a testament to our ongoing commitment to bridging the growth talent gap in the ecosystem and propelling African businesses to new heights.”