Lenovo Launches a Global Channel Framework in South Africa called “Lenovo 360”.

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As businesses continue to migrate toward an Everything-as-a-Service consumption model, “Lenovo 360” enables partners to grow their business through expanded access to end-to-end solutions and services.

Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo Chairman and CEO.

Lenovo has launched its flagship “Lenovo 360” in South Africa; a new, first-of-its-kind global channel partner framework designed to provide easier access to the entire Lenovo portfolio across devices, infrastructure, and services and solutions.

The new Lenovo 360 framework comes at a time when many small businesses and large enterprises alike are increasingly moving toward the “Everything-as-a-Service” consumption model.

Lenovo 360 helps partners capitalize service-led and solutions-based opportunities with their customers and drive additional revenue streams.

Designed in collaboration with Lenovo channel partners, Lenovo 360 brings together the core elements of people, programs, and tools.

The framework details more unified global channel team structures and introduces eight solutions enabling greater workforce productivity and collaboration, infrastructure flexibility, sustainability improvements, and industry specific solutions to address common business challenges.

Rebate accelerator programs like the “Better Together” and “TruScale Accelerator” initiatives offer partners the opportunity to increase earnings up to 30% or more on sales across Lenovo’s portfolio of products and solutions, and sales through as-a-Service.

Launching in South Africa this month, Lenovo 360 follows the company’s reorganization of three core business units in April 2021; Intelligent Devices Group, the core PC and IoT business, Infrastructure Solutions Group and a new Solutions and Services Group focused on verticals and services.

Aligning partners’ need to easily expand their sales footprint, the framework helps partners to expand their Lenovo offerings.

“Lenovo is a channel-first company, and with the South Africa launch of Lenovo 360, we are recognizing the contribution our regional channel makes to the success of our business. Lenovo 360 equips our partners with equip partners with a portfolio of solutions to deliver on the full spectrum of customer needs from, device, to infrastructure, to services, and beyond. This new program will make it easier for partners to access our full suite of products and services, to seize the opportunities they have in the market and work together to diversify and grow,” said Alaa Bawab, General Manager, Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG), Middle East & Africa.

In addition to ensuring the simplification of Lenovo’s overall partner process, the Lenovo 360 framework offers the company’s channel partners specific activations such as training, certifications, and channel marketing playbooks.

Shashank Sharma, Executive Director and General Manager, Lenovo Intelligent Devices, Middle East, Turkey and Africa (META) said: “Many of our partners are looking for disruption-proof solutions and ways to diversify and expand their revenue and earnings streams.

“Lenovo 360 will provide partners with everything they need, including turnkey marketing materials and campaigns, that will enable them to pursue their goals. We are adding more resources including subject matter experts to provide concierge-level of service to our leading parnters, that guarantees that they will always have access to the products, services, experts, and Lenovo talent they need.”