NeuRaL AI introduces BionicBox to enable Nigerian businesses to quickly access Large Language Models.

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A Lagos-based artificial intelligence company, NeuRaL AI, has announced the launch of BionicBox, a solution that would help enterprises and organisations easily build Large Language Models (LLM).

This was revealed in a statement. According to the statement, BionicBox represents a significant step forward, making large language models (LLMs) more accessible, adaptable, secure, and fast.

NeuRal AI is a Lagos-based provider of essential support to organisations intending to build and deploy Large Language Models (LLMs) for generative text.

The AI Readiness Report 2023 highlights a surge in demand for generative AI technologies, similar to Chat GPT, across various sectors. Despite this, numerous challenges still exist. Challenges like specialised expertise, domain-specific requirements, and security concerns often hold companies back.

Speaking on the needs BionicBox would address for enterprises, the founder of NeuRaL AI, Oluseyi Akindeinde said the solution stands for enhanced customer experience.

Dr. Oluseyi Akindeinde

“Our on-premise RAG system personalises customer interactions, boosting satisfaction and loyalty, leading to increased goodwill and profitability,” he said.

Touting the solution for its operational efficiency, Akindeinde said the solution, featuring Chat GPT-like capabilities, facilitates quick interactions with live documents, enhancing decision-making and productivity, thereby boosting profitability.

“It enables increased profitability because our AI models enhance operational efficiency, unlocking new profitability levels. The secure on-premise deployment ensures data privacy, overcoming the limitations of traditional models,” he said.

BionicBox to fuel innovation in products

Speaking about the innovative powers of the product, the founder noted that its RAG integration supports the development of innovative products or services, driving growth and diversification. These opportunities, he said, are practical and in line with industry trends.

“Our hardware and software suite democratises advanced AI capabilities for more enterprises, demonstrating our commitment to value-driven technological innovation.”

Enterprises considering generative models face choices between open-source, Cloud API, and in-house development. Neural AI’s BionicBox caters to these diverse needs.

“Open-Source Expertise: We optimise high-performance models like Llama 2/7 and 70B with extended context lengths. Our support extends to enterprises needing this level of fine-tuning.

“Cloud API Security and Control: Our on-premise solutions offer enhanced security and control, mitigating risks associated with cloud-based services.

“Adaptability and Quality: BionicBox provides a flexible, secure, high-quality alternative to traditional generative AI, tailored to unique business needs.

He further described BionicBox as representing a significant step forward, making LLMs more accessible, adaptable, secure, and fast.

“It addresses key challenges in inference speed, pretraining, fine-tuning, privacy, and RAG. We’re bringing cutting-edge language modelling to industries that need it the most,” Akindeinde said.