Nigeria is the first nation to have Web3 ccTLDs. 9jacom Launches

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Nigeria’s first centric Web3 top level domain, .9jacom, is Live, TechEconomy can report.

Earlier than expected, 9jacom gets its first hosting provider and SLD (Second Level Domain) retailer, Encirca.

The progenitor, John Mc Keown, disclosed the cheering news thus: “I’m really happy they offered the first year registration at the same low price I did, $2. This means they are not getting any revenue at all for the first year of registration. Their renewal at $9 is still affordable.

Mr. Keown is the Country Manager of 8M, Elite, and Guidepoint, LLC, providing a broad spectrum of business services delivered through key agents servicing the Nigerian market. The key sectors are: edible FMCG – food, dairy, and beverages; plastics and packaging; ingredients and raw materials; telecommunications, data transport and storage infrastructure solutions; and off-grid power solutions – renewable energy.

John Keown is a transformational business leader with exceptional business repositioning and sales growth skills – experience drawn from five continents. He has been present in West Africa (Nigeria) since 1997.

The concept of Web3 has taken the minds of digital entrepreneurs and venture capitalists by storm. The idea behind this technology is to build a new version of the web that incorporates concepts such as decentralization, smart contracts, and blockchain technologies.

Web3 and blockchain technologies have also enabled the new blockchain domain naming services and a new type of domain name – a blockchain domain name.

Although Vasily Agateev and Kseniya Karchenko would write: “Blockchain domains have spurred a legal tightrope as these domain names are outside of ICANN’s jurisdiction and are not directly subject to any DNS-related laws and regulations that are in place to protect brand owners,” John Keown has an idea on how to get the job done.

“As sales come in, each $2 that reaches me, goes towards staking another .9ja domain and giving Nigeria extra choices as the first country to have Web 3 cc TLDs (country domains) available.

Mr. Keown explained that the holding entity, 9ja Cosmos, will not be raising the prices at their end.

“Our cut is the same $2 to start and $4.50 per year renewal whether you are a struggling local in Ebute Meta or Aliko Dangote”, he promised, stressing “All funds from ‘9ja’ themed domains become reinvested to make service and choice better. All are Kings and Queens at this table”.

Hope you took note of the low prices?

He added that through the intermediary, this will pass down to some domain management and hosting providers. “They will be available to offer SLDs (Second Level Domains) to the public.

“I expect there to be a few integration challenges. Once the model is perfected, more formal promotion will begin and other Nigeria centric products will follow. A new journey is beginning. Let’s enter Web 3 together”, John said, cheerfully.

This development is coming at the time Ethereum is going through ‘transformation’. Many are still at lost at what Ethereum Merger means for the industry.

Mr. Keown shared his view about the whole thing, this way: “The lower the number of entities with control of the staking side of Eth, and how easy they can be found, the easier it is for some central authority, nation, or the other, to force down some directive or the other, because they have decided it is in some nations interest, and they don’t give a hoot about the eth community.

“We’ve now got a case where just 4 entities own 60% of staking capacity and 78% are known and can easily be found. Call that decentralisation?

“We’ve all seen the SEC decision in US ‘deciding’ the Ethereum Chain falls under Federal US jurisdiction. There would be no point in just ‘declaring’ such if acting upon it wasn’t feasible.

“Moreover, Ethereum has now become a potential political tool.

“The Chinese ‘Binance’ has a dependency on the eth-chain. So, welcome to Huawei part 2.

“If I was Unstoppable Domains, with that $68m from Panthera, I’d be business as usual on Polygon (L2 off Eth) for now, but I’d be seriously looking around for migration options or planning to do something on my own.

“Though in any case, everything that surrounds Polygon reeks of ConsenSys which is heavily invested in by Microsoft.

“Decentralization is very quickly becoming a mirage!”

Well, time is a revealer of all intents and the Ethereum Merger will not be any different.

For now, welcome .9jacom!