Nigerians Receive Smart Cylinders from Tech Firm

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Gasmonkey, a tech company, has introduced smart cylinders to boost gas usage in Nigeria. The tech-infused cylinders are designed to ensure the safety of Nigerian gas users, who currently face the risk of expired cylinders.

L-R Chief Executive Officer, Gas Monkey, Paul Nnaluo (left); Official of Spark+Africa, Xavier Pierluca; Chief Operating Officer, Gas Monkey, Mathew Paul and another Official of Spark+Africa, Peter George, at the media presentation of technology enabled smart cylinder in Lagos.

Speaking at the unveiling of the product in Lagos, the Chief Executive Officer of Gasmonkey, Paul Nnaluo, said the company was set up to provide solutions to the challenges of gas usage in Nigeria by leveraging technology. According to him, over 80 per cent of Nigerians are still not using gas even though it is cheaper and cleaner.

While noting that safety concern is one of the reasons many Nigerians have not been using gas, he said with the smart cylinders, safety concerns have been addressed, even as the users would not need to carry the cylinder about to refill.
“With Gasmonkey smart cylinder, you do not have to worry about your gas finishing because you can monitor customer usage through our app. The gas suppliers through their dashboard also monitor the dashboard to know when your gas is about to finish and bring a replacement,” he said.

With investors from Spark + Africa, Xavier Pierluca and Peter George, at the unveiling, Nnaluo added that the Gasmonkey app is an easy-to-use smart utility app that allows customers to manage their LPG consumption and pay for the services. “The app allows you to view your cylinder content and predictions on when they will run out.”

It also allows automatic ordering to avoid running out unplanned,” he said.

He said the app also allows gas dealers to make projections of their sales as they can ascertain the number of their customers and when each of the customers would need another supply.

Explaining the terms of usage, the Gasmonkey CEO said the cylinders are owned and managed by the company, while the customers pay rent yearly. This arrangement, he said, ensures that the cylinders are properly managed without any risk of expiration.

Articulating more points, Nnaluo, said the smart cylinder also helps in fixing the safety concerns of users, adding that “with our app, you can remotely monitor the usage of your cylinders via the mobile app”.