Nigeria’s Bolt Introduces its First Ride-Hailing Inter-City Service.

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Nigeria’s mobility platform, Bolt, has launched the first ride-hailing inter-city category in the country, extending its service offering of comfort designed to increase the quality of service for inter-city riders. Committed to building sustainable cities by easing mobility for Nigerians, the inter-city service aims to connect Nigerians across states.

This development comes on the backdrop of Bolt’s desire to connect cities and transport people conveniently, an extension of its intracity offering. The inter-city category on Bolt offers fast and convenient rides and is currently available for the Lagos-Ibadan and Owerri-Port Harcourt routes.

The service is accessible through the mobile platform, allowing users to book trips to and from these cities conveniently. Bolt is offering a 20% discount on all intercity trips to promote its affordability, and it is valid for up to a maximum of NGN 5,000 per ride.

To use the service, riders can request an inter-city trip by simply setting their destination on the platform, confirming their pick-up location, and then clicking on request, which will connect them to a nearby driver, just like the intra-city service.

The difference is that the inter-city service is only available from 6 a.m. until 3 p.m. daily. The inter-city service also provides replacement vehicles on standby to ensure no hindrance affects the journey.

With the festive period approaching, Nigerians can utilise the inter-city service to visit family and friends within these cities where the service is available.

This provides riders with safe, fast and comfortable rides at the touch of a button. Bolt’s inter-city category advances its commitment to excellent service delivery by simplifying city-to-city transportation. With the innovative offering,

Bolt reiterates its position as the leading platform in Nigeria’s ride-hailing industry. With unparalleled expertise in delivering a safe and affordable service, Bolt’s ultimate focus is optimal customer satisfaction.

Since launching in the country, Bolt has redefined the mobility sector in Nigeria with innovative and unique offerings that ease riders’ mobility and provide earning opportunities for drivers.