Oraimo Partners with Ecoflow to Provide Alternative Solar Power Solutions.

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Oraimo, Africa’s leading smart accessory brand, has partnered with EcoFlow, the global leading eco-friendly energy solution company, to bring the DELTA 2 and RIVER 600 solar generators to the African market. This partnership is a game-changer for the African continent, as it brings together two reputable brands that are known for their quality and affordability.

Over the years, oraimo has established itself as a leading brand in the African market by providing consumers with quality and affordable smart accessories like the oraimo airpods, oraimo smartwatch, oraimo power bank, oraimo headset, oraimo Bluetooth speaker, etc. The brand has built a reputation for itself as a reliable and budget-friendly option for consumers looking for a quality product without breaking the bank as the demands for oraimo gadgets continue to rise.

EcoFlow, on the other hand, is the leading sustainable energy brand, providing renewable energy solutions to millions of individuals and families in over 100 markets around the world. Ecoflow is known for its innovative and versatile products, which offer consumers clean and accessible power solutions at home, outdoors, and in mobile spaces.

The partnership between oraimo and EcoFlow is set to revolutionize the energy landscape in Africa, providing the availability of clean and renewable energy to African consumers. With the world’s increasing focus on environmental sustainability, solar energy has become a popular alternative to traditional energy sources. Solar energy is clean, and renewable, and reduces the user’s carbon footprint. The oraimo and EcoFlow solar generators will allow African consumers to enjoy the benefits of clean and renewable energy.

Powerful, Portable, and Accessible All-in-one Solutions
The DELTA 2 and RIVER 600 solar generators are both powerful, portable, and accessible all-in-one solutions that can meet a wide range of energy needs.

The DELTA 2 is the latest power station model that harnessed the cutting-edge energy technology from EcoFlow and has gained its fame in the industry at its first launch. MUO(Make Use Of), one of the posting influential tech-media in the US, claimed DELTA 2 as Best of IFA in 2022. CNN.com also named it as the Best solar generator of 2022.

DELTA 2 has a 1-3kWh expandable capacity and can generate up to 3kWh daily to meet users’ needs. With a 1800W AC output (up to 2200W with X-Boost mode on), users can power 90% of essential appliances, including TVs, fridges, washing machines and even microwaves. Also, DELTA 2 has up to 23% conversion with a unique two-in-one bifacial Ecoflow 220w solar panel design to guarantee a fast solar charging speed of 0-100% in 3 hours (2 sets). DELTA 2 can also be fully charged with a wall socket in 80 minutes, or be charged by car charger.

The RIVER 600, a more portable but still powerful solution, can power up to 9 devices simultaneously with 2 pure sine wave AC outlets. RIVER 600 can power devices up to 1800W with the X-Boost mode on and has a capacity of 288Wh, which can be doubled with an optional extra battery. RIVER 600 provides enough juice to run essential devices for hours, depending on the actual output. Similarly, RIVER 600 also can be charged fully by solar charging in under 2.6 hours with 2 sets of 110W panels, a wall outlet in under 1.6 hours and car charging in just 3.5 hours.

The portability of the DELTA 2 and RIVER 600 solar generators is a major advantage in the African market, where many people live in rural areas and lack access to reliable electricity. These solar generators are designed to be all-in-one solutions for emergency power outages, providing a reliable source of energy.

With the DELTA 2 and RIVER 600 solar generators, you have guaranteed access to powering a range of appliances from small electronics like phones and laptops to larger devices like mini-refrigerators and power tools. This makes them useful for both everyday use and during power outages when access to electricity is limited.

Moreover, this partnership offers a plus for the African market because of its ease of use. The DELTA 2 and RIVER 600 are designed with simple controls and plug-and-play functionality making them easy for people without technical expertise to use.

Unlike other power generators that can be noisy and disruptive, the DELTA 2 and RIVER 600 solar generators operate quietly and without producing harmful emissions, making them the ideal solution in residential areas where noise pollution is a concern.

Additionally, DELTA 2 and RIVER 600 require little maintenance, with DELTA 2 coming with a LiFePO4 Battery with a longer lifespan of 3000 battery cycles, which can be translated to 10 years of daily use.

EcoFlow’s solar generators are equipped with X-Stream patented technology, which gives the fastest charging speed in the industry. This feature allows the generators’ charging to be relatively quicker with optional solar panels, wall sockets, or car chargers, making them more efficient and convenient to use.

In conclusion, the partnership between oraimo and EcoFlow is a game-changer for the African market. The oraimo and EcoFlow solar generators offer African consumers clean, renewable, and affordable energy solutions. The generators are portable, cost-effective, quiet, and versatile, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. The oraimo and EcoFlow solar generators are a testament to the power of partnerships and innovation in driving sustainable development in Africa.