Polaris Digitech collaborates with Google on geolocation services.

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Geospatial technology firm, Polaris Digitech Limited (PDL), with its over 10-year partnership with Google Nigeria, has assured businesses of location visibility that would afford their potential customers the ability to locate their office space.

The Managing Director, Polaris Digitech Limited, Olaniyi Okuboyejo, in a statement, said over the years, businesses have been thriving in their little way via the outreach of the marketing team and subsequently providing reports to the management team.

He said the exclusion of location components in every effort has tremendously undermined the prospects and potential of businesses.

“The impact of maximising the location component ‘where’ in phases of businesses by connecting all the dots enhances the decision-making and oversight functions of the management team, as well as providing intelligent path for the technical and commercial units.

“Closing these location component gaps of businesses and maximising their potential is one of Polaris Digitech Limited’s strengths,” he stated.

Okuboyejo said the company has provided quite several bespoke solutions to the biggest telecommunication companies and financial institutions in the country, as well as state governments, insurance firms, real estate companies and schools, among others.

The statement also revealed that the relationship with Google entails the provision of varieties of services to existing and new Google customers in Nigeria and within Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.