Reed’s courses discounted from £1000+ to £10 to aid UK Government Upskilling Scheme

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Courses that are usually £1000+ are all reduced to £10 at the moment as part of a government upskilling scheme if anyone wishes to better themselves.

Reed Group has since evolved to become one of the UK’s most popular job boards, it was the first recruiting website given by a recruitment firm in the UK, having launched in 1995. The Reed Group is made up of eleven (11) firms that were all founded with the goal of ‘enhancing lives through work,’ or making work better for everyone.

Since Sir Alec Reed launched the company in 1960, they have been dedicated to finding new and better ways to assist people and businesses on their journey through the world of work, whatever that may entail. Her vision is simple: to connect people to a world of career opportunities online.

Over the years, Reed Group has had a unique interest in the talent market, which has grown to become one of UK’s leading career marketplaces. Reed Courses is an online learning platform designed to assisting you in upskilling and professional development through the appropriate learning opportunity. It is one of the fastest-growing course marketplaces in the UK, with over 70,000 courses to pick from and 726 different areas covered, ranging from higher education courses to CPD points and professional certifications.

Every year, 11 million course seekers visit Reed Courses in search of their next learning opportunity. Reed Courses features a comprehensive variety of courses from a range of learning providers and partners. These include online, distance learning, classroom-based and free courses.

In line with UK Government Upskilling Scheme, Reed Courses have been subsidied from £1000+ to £10 at the moment to support those who lost their jobs during the lockdowns to improve their chances of finding new employment. With over 40,000 discounted courses available on the online platform, each with its own specialization.

When applying for a course, it’s critical that you select a course that you will enjoy, so choose methods of study that you know will help you learn best. Undoubtedly, this is an unusual opportunity for intending or existing workforce to be equipped with new skills ranging from tech and non-tech skill sets which contain wealth of practical ideas and guidance to assist you in honing your life skills to be successful professionals in today’s business world with a slash of price ranging from £999 to £12, from £987 to £12 and the like.
This initiative began as a means to equip young people with skills that would shape their lives and assist students in realizing their aspirations.

Reed Course platform doesn’t only offer paid courses, they also have 181 free courses which is set to help people who are business oriented to partake of, not leaving out the job seekers to help build there curriculum vitae skills and also the tech oriented persons to help them sharpen their knowledge about the tech space.

The courses are being delivered online via instructor-led with videos, PDFs, and exercises covering a wide range of topics

In conclusion, it should be noted that this is not just a one in a lifetime opportunity for people who intend to get the required tech skill set but also a great opportunity for those who intend to take the course and also be recruited. This is because aside from the discounted courses and the free courses, also provides for recruitment opportunities where you can easily get an opportunity to showcase what you’ve learnt from the courses taken. For more information about Read courses, kindly visit