Samsung to Collaborate with Naver to Create AI Chatbot for Internal Use

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Samsung is reportedly working on a generative artificial intelligence (AI) platform that can rival OpenAI’s popular ChatGPT service. The South Korean conglomerate is said to have partnered with another Korean technology giant to develop the AI tool. The service is said to be available only to Samsung employees and the company is looking to prevent sensitive data from being leaked due to the use of public AI tools — it will first use the homegrown tool in its semiconductor business and later in the its other businesses, according to a report.

A report in The Korea Economic Daily, citing people familiar with the matter, states that Samsung is working with Naver to create an AI platform that can compete with ChatGPT. However, this service will be available in Korean and only to Samsung’s semiconductor division — Device Solutions (DS). Other businesses, like Samsung’s Device eXperience (DX) division could eventually gain access to the tool.

The report does not mention a name for the generative AI service, but states that the South Korean firms are looking at launching the tool in October. Samsung and Naver are yet to publicly announce the development of the tool.

Samsung’s purported AI tool will run on Naver’s HyperCLOVA X, a hyper-scale AI platform that is aimed at offering improved support for Korean in AI-backed services, according to the report, which states that the platform learned 6,500 times more words in Korean than OpenAI’s popular offering.

However, conversing in Korean won’t be the only advantage of the in-house service. Samsung will provide Naver with details of its semiconductors, which will power the generative AI tool. Using an internal tool will also help prevent the leaking of internal source code or other proprietary information. Samsung recently blocked its employees from using publicly available AI tools like ChatGPT after an engineer leaked company data after uploading it to OpenAI’s tool.