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We live in an age where smartwatches are quickly becoming indispensable technologies in the healthcare industry and they come with a wide range of functionality that monitors heart rate, sleep habits, and physical activity. For doctors, patients can then take that information and share it with your physician to gain valuable insight around your health to make alterations that could improve your overall well-being.

History of Smartwatch.

Smartwatch was invented in 1998 by Steve Mann and IBM launched a prototype 2 years later.

The invention pave way for Apple to be one of the foremost smartwatch producers. Before Apple commenced smartwatch production, it had gone through a series of development, from IBM to Microsoft to LG smartwatches.

 These companies produced some smartwatches that rocked the Tech Ecosystem then.

For example;

SPOT (Smart Personal Object Technology) produced by Microsoft in 2002, depends on FM networks to update its devices.

 LG Prada Link phone in 2008 was accompanied by the Bluetooth Prada II whose major function was short message reviews and incoming calls alert.

Pebble Technology Corporation raised $1.3 million in 2012 for production and sold its one-millionth smartwatch by 2014, leading to the birth of the Apple Watch as announced by Tim Cook on the 9th of September, 2014 and Apple became the best-selling wearable device in the world.

Smartwatches presently have evolved from just previewing messages and incoming alerts. Some are compatible with a computer, touch screen, sensors, pager watches, and so on.

This review will focus on top brands producing basic and sophisticated smartwatches. These brands are, Oraimo, Apple, Huawei and Samsung.




Oraimo has 7 types of smartwatches of which one has 2 editions. It has 6 smartwatches considering the function. The smartwatches are:


– Oraimo Tempo 2S 8 Training Modes Smart Fit band (8,200 NGN)


– Oraimo Tempo S IP67 Waterproof Smart Watch (13,500 NGN)


-Oraimo Tempo W2 IP67 Waterproof 24 Training Modes Smart Watch. (21,900 NGN)


-Oraimo 1.69” IPS Screen IP68 Waterproof Blood Oxygen 24 Fitness Modes SmartWatch Pro (22,800 NGN)


-Oraimo Tempo W3 Smart Watch – Online Exclusive (17,900 NGN)


-Silver Edition Oraimo Watch 1.69” IPS Screen IP68 Waterproof Smart Watch (15,900 NGN)


-And the latest, Oraimo Watch 1.69” IPS Screen IP68 Waterproof Smart Watch (16,900 NGN)




The Oraimo watch has a curved display and a sleek design which makes the smartwatch sit pretty on a person’s wrist.

 IPS screen is known for giving elegant colours and it functions as a touch screen.

The screen to body ratio is over 80% and it is water-resistant. You can customise the clock face to give you fresh unique faces every day or a pleasant photo album from your phone.

You can swipe use if there is oil spillage on the smartwatch and it is also an IP68 Water-resistant smartwatch.

There is an Upgraded Heart Rate Sensor made of four photodiodes and enhanced LEDs with an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that measures your heart rate and gives you a vibrating reminder when there is an abnormal heart rate.

The smartwatch can measure your sleep to understand the quality of your rest. Females can use the smartwatch with the app to follow their cycle, track their ovulation and get a reminder.


For Training, you have 13 training modes like running, jogging, skipping, cycling, swimming, playing tennis, football, badminton, basketball, hiking and so on. The modes track your step, calories burned, active moments, distance and so on. The smartwatch makes sure every moment counts.

The wireless tech is equipped with BT5.0 which transmits data up to 66ft while consuming lower power. And it has a power-saving technology that gives you 15 days of usage with one single charge. If we talk about elegant, functions, battery, technology, and sleek design, the ORAIMO smartwatch is a watch to bank on.





The least price in their brand is $399 and the highest price is $1499, depending on the type.

 It can be procured on contract with the payment spread over 24 months.

Apple watches series 7 is the latest from the tech giant which is loaded with good features and worth the price.

 This is a high-end product in the smartwatches industry and it comes at a high price as expected. Unlike the other brands which work with Android Os, you need to be running one of the iOS for the WatchOS to be usable.

 Therefore, Apple watches are only compatible with iPhones.


 The new Series 7 comes with the largest retina display with 20 percent more screen area than the series 6.

Crack-resistance is an exquisite feature and it is dust and swim-proof as excepted. It has a fast charging technology which is 33 percent faster than Series 6.

Series 7 has the most advanced health and wellness features which are not limited to the blood Oxygen app, the ECG app and the sensors.


Some of its features are:


45 mm, swim-proof, certified IP6X dust resistant, most crack-resistant front crystal, Always-On retina display, 20% larger than series 6 and 50% larger than series 3, Blood Oxygen app, ECG app, high and low heart rate alert, irregular heart rhythm alert, emergency SOS, International emergency calling, fall detection, Cellular available, Family setup (pairing multiple smartwatches with a single iPhone).





Huawei has three new products which are:


– HUAWEI WATCH GT 3 (£229.99)


– HUAWEI Band 6 (£34.99)




Focusing on the Huawei Watch Fit; this device gives you 10 days of battery life for your activities and it has a quick charge technology.

A five minute charge is enough to last you a day.

The screen is a 1.6” rectangle AMOLED display with, a 70 percent screen to body ratio and a resolution of 280 x 456 HD- this gives an ultra-clear and wide viewing experience.

It has an Auto-brightness feature which is best for viewing in sunlight and six Always-On3 faces to express your mood and personal style.

 This watch can be your trainer because it has 12 kinds of animated quick-workout demonstration videos like Full-body stretch, exercise at work, Ab ripper and 44 standard movement demonstrations.


You have 96 workout modes and real-time workout metrics for 11 professional sports modes including cycling, swimming and running.


While you have 85 custom workout modes to unleash your potential. The smartwatch keeps track of your workout duration, calories and heart rate.

 The built-in GPS sensor, 5ATM, AI heart rate algorithm and innovative sensors help you train better and provide real-time metrics, professional guidance and scientific training effect evaluation. The smartwatch can detect your workout routine, remind you to track it and provide detailed metrics when you finished.


The Smartwatch can keep you motivated every day by tracking your fitness and progress all day. It can also remind you to stand up every once in a while to prevent you from being bored or from long-time sitting. It measures your heart rate whether you are awake or sleeping and send a reminder if there is a normal heart rate, it also detects Oxygen saturation and females can keep track of their menstrual cycles. It also monitors your stress level with HUAWEI TruRelax technology.





– 46 x 30 x 10.7 mm

– Water-resistant,

– 1.64” AMOLED touchscreen which supports slide and touches gestures,

– 4GB memory,

– Sensors: 6-axis IMU sensor (Accelerometer sensor, Gyroscope sensor), Capacitive sensor, Optical heart rate sensor, Ambient light sensor,

– OS: Android 6 above and iOS 9 above.

Magnetic charging thimble.







Samsung has


– Galaxy watch4 classic (187,000 NGN for 46mm, and 167,000 NGN for 42mm)


– Galaxy fit (45,000 NGN)


– Galaxy watch4 (142,000 NGN for 44mm and 147,000 NGN for 40mm)


The Galaxy watch4 is the first smartwatch to run the Google Wear OS which was co-designed by Samsung and Google. The smartwatch comes in a 44mm aluminium body with a Super AMOLED display which gives crisp and bright colours.

You get to choose different faces from a variety of backgrounds, colours and fonts that match your taste or occasion. You can also use AR Emoji. IP68 smartwatch is water and dust resistant.

You get to know your body composition with the aid of Samsung’s fastest chip and Bioactive sensor. You can measure your body fat percentage, body water, skeletal muscle and so on. With two fingers; in under 15 seconds, you can get your BIA measurement in real-time and inform.

You can track your activities, work out in real-time and compete with your friends in a fun competition using the live message board and the challenges come with badges to make the exercise rewarding, fun and motivating.

You can track activities like swimming, running, hiking, skating, cycling, jogging and so on.

 The watch helps check calories, count steps and with the help of GPS; stay on the grid.

The smartwatch supports over 90 exercises.


The smartwatch can track and analyze your sleep, it can also let you check your oxygen levels and snoring pattern.

Wireless charging technology charges your smartwatch faster and with Wireless Powershare, you can share power with another device that is Qi-compatible.





Oraimo is a force to reckon with when we are talking about product availability and accessibility in Nigeria.

The brand is waxing stronger and people accept their products.


The choice is yours, depending on your taste but you tend to purchase what is easily available and save you the stress of foreign exchange. In addition, Oraimo has more market share and is popular based on product accessibility and affordability.


Apart from that, The Oraimo Smartwatches are standard enough for you to call yourself a smartwatch owner even if the price is ridiculously low compared to Apple, Huawei and Samsung, you get the value of your money.


The smartwatch is sleek, elegant and loaded with different functions, these features are compensated with a strong battery that gives you 15 days of usage.


To get one, head to select “Nigeria eshop” and you are one step away from getting yourself one of the standard low-budget smartwatches in Nigeria.