Text Editor Features Available for Android Beta testers, WhatsApp

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WhatsApp has long been reported to work on a text editing feature. The feature had previously been reported to have been tested on both Android and iOS platforms. According to a new report, the feature is now being rolled out to select beta testers. However,the feature will be available only to WhatsApp on Android users currently. Since the iOS version has already been reported to be tested, it is expected to be rolled out soon. The social media platform is also reportedly working on an edit message feature.

A WhatsApp update tracker WABetaInfo post states that WhatsApp’s new creative tools will help users to edit images, videos, and GIFs by using new tools and fonts offered with the new feature. The text editor is now available for select beta testers along with the Android update.

The feature reportedly introduces to users the ability to quickly switch between fonts by tapping one of the font options displayed above the keyboard. Although changing the text font was previously possible, WhatsApp is now reportedly enabling users to quickly choose the desirable font. According to the report, text alignment can now also be set to left, centre, or right, offering users more control over text formatting inside images, videos, and GIFs.

Users will also reportedly be able to alter the background colour of the text with this new feature, making it easier to distinguish important text from the rest. Calistoga, Courier Prime, Damion, Exo 2, and Morning Breeze are among the new fonts that have been made available to beta testers, the report adds.

The WABetainfo report adds that WhatsApp will start rolling out the text editing feature to more users in the coming few weeks. The similar feature has also been found to be tested on iOS devices, so it is safe to say that an iOS version of the edit text feature will be available for beta testers soon.

A recent report suggested that WhatsApp is also testing an edit message feature with a dedicated alert that will be visible to all participants in the chat. An edited message will reportedly appear with an ‘edited’ label, the same way deleted message labels are visible in chats currently.