The US plans to work with Nigeria on cybersecurity, among other things.

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The United States of America Consulate has stated its readiness to work with the American and Nigerian business communities to drive digital transformation in Nigeria.

The consulate disclosed this during a seminar organised by the body on cybersecurity for professionals. The Consul General, Will Stevens, was in attendance and with cyber security professionals in the Nigerian banking, telecommunication, and FinTech sectors.

According to Stevens, the importance of increasing collaboration between the United States and Nigeria on cybersecurity to help secure the digital economy now and into the future cannot be overemphasised.

He said, “Financial institutions are leaders in the technical revolution happening in Nigeria. While they stand to reap the rewards of this essential transition, they also bear a responsibility to ensure tomorrow’s financial system remains stable, reliable, and safe for consumers and institutions.”

He also explained that partnerships with American companies like SAS are beneficial for both countries’ economies and will lead to diversifying and expanding the cyber-related options available in Nigeria.

He added, “The US Mission in Nigeria looks forward to working with the American and Nigerian business community in the coming years to continue advancing the much-needed digital transformation.”

In a statement, the Head of Customer Advisory for SAS South Africa, Stephen Wessels, said, “SAS advanced analytics helps to manage increasing regulatory demands, stop fraud in its tracks, and maximize return on capital.”