To combat data breaches, NIMC and NDPC are advised.

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Paradigm Initiative, a civil society organisation, has called for immediate action from the National Identity Management Commission in response to a severe privacy breach involving unauthorised access to citizens’ data via

The breach deemed a violation of both the National Data Protection Act and citizens’ constitutional right to privacy, has been condemned by Paradigm Initiative as a flagrant disregard for the law and a betrayal of public trust.

Paradigm Initiative in a statement stressed the urgency of intervention from the NIMC and the Nigerian Data Protection Commission to address this egregious violation of citizens’ privacy rights.

“The NDPC must swiftly investigate this matter, holding accountable all parties involved in compromising the security of the National Identity Database,” it said.

“Every Nigerian has the right to trust that their personal information is secure and protected. We further demand NIMC outlines steps to rectify this breach and prevent future occurrences,” the statement continued.

Paradigm Initiative urges the NDPC to act decisively in upholding the principles of data protection and safeguarding citizens’ privacy rights as enshrined in the NDPA and the constitution.

“All these demands are outlined in the freedom of information request sent by Paradigm Initiative, and we remain committed to collaborating with all involved agencies and relevant stakeholders to ensure the privacy rights of all are protected,” the group concluded.

The report by the Foundation for Investigative Journalism on March 16 alleged that XpressVerify has unrestricted access to the NINs and personal details of all Nigerians registered in the nation’s identity database managed by NIMC.

Furthermore, it suggested that XpressVerify has monetized this access to NINs and the personal information of citizens on the database.

Despite the allegations, NIMC, in a statement on Sunday, disclaimed any affiliation with XpressVerify.

The Director-General and CEO of NIMC, Abisoye Coker-Odusote, clarified that the commission solely provides NIN verification and other services through licensed partners

Part of that statement read, “The Commission wishes to state that it offers NIN verification and other services through licensed partners. However, XpressVerify is not one of the Commission’s licensed partners.

“We express our gratitude to our media partners and the whistleblowers for bringing this to our attention and wish to assure Nigerians and legal residents that there is no data breach of any sort and the Citizens’ data is safe and secure in Nigeria’s National identity database.