Why Truth Social, supported by Trump, is still unavailable on Google’s app store

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Truth Social, the Twitter-like social network backed by former President Donald Trump, remains unavailable on Google’s Android app store because of deficiencies in the app’s content moderation systems, according to a Google spokesperson.

The app favored by many of Trump’s supporters still has not met the Google Play Store’s standards, including policies against incitement and physical threats of violence, the company told CNN on Tuesday.

“On August 19 we notified Truth Social of several violations of standard policies in their current app submission and reiterated that having effective systems for moderating user-generated content is a condition of our terms of service for any app to go live on Google Play,” the Google spokesperson told CNN. “Last week, Truth Social wrote back acknowledging our feedback and saying that they are working on addressing these issues.”

Google’s statement was first reported by Axios.

Although Truth Social has been listed as available for pre-order on the Google Play Store since August 3, the app still has not been officially released, despite Truth Social going live for Apple devices months earlier, in February.

In a media interview posted to YouTube on Friday, Devin Nunes, CEO of Truth Social’s parent, the Trump Technology & Media Group, said Truth Social had had “great success working with Apple; with Google, we’re just waiting.” He added that the decision to list Truth Social is “up to the Google Play Store” and that “we’re waiting on them to approve us.”

But Google told CNN that was a distortion, adding that it has clearly communicated how Truth Social still has not met the requirements that would permit the app to be listed for download.

Unlike Apple’s mobile operating system, which forces users to download apps exclusively from Apple’s proprietary app store, Android apps can be downloaded from any source. Truth Social does not appear to be offered through its own website or through third-party app marketplaces.

On Tuesday, Trump Technology & Media Group said in a statement it has “continuously worked in good faith” with Google.

“TMTG has no desire to litigate its business matters in the public sphere, but for the record, has promptly responded to all inquiries from Google,” the company said. “It is our belief that all Americans should have access to Truth Social no matter what devices they use. We look forward to Google approving Truth Social at their earliest convenience.”